Love Conquers … (=

Love conquers all!

Not in a sense of intimacy, or romance. Just in support lending a helping hand. To help someone brainstorm some ideas, to push them, motivate them.

It’s time we spread positivity and peace. Smile at someone. You never know what that can mean to them.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr

In life, through childhoods, adolescence and also adulthood, you can find the importance of people just hearing the words “I love you”. We all have friends whom we’ve heard over and over again say “my parents didn’t tell me they love me” or something along those lines. It may be you. You may know the significance that the pain of not hearing/feeling love can bring. In marriages that fail, the lack of verbal intimacy or just hearing and speaking, “I love you” to one another, has played a dramatic role in the decline of the relationship.

The power of knowing that someone loves you. The confidence it brings to the person who’s receiving the love. Love is a springboard for hope. It enables us to attempt our dreams, knowing that you have the support system and love. Even through what feels as if there the worst times of our lives, what keeps us going is love. Love gives us all we need to make it. To feel complete, to have a sense of belonging.

An avoidance of love can leave us feeling less belonging. Disables us from our dreams. It will have you drifting out here. Living life with no purpose, no drive, no-life. It takes years of putting yourself together which no one should have to feel. However, we have the love of God. The love of the creator.

The thing is, it’s never too late. You can always start where you are. The past is behind us, the present is where we are and the future is what we have the power to create. Time to break cycles. To serve one another, support one another. We all need love. No matter the circumstances, love will always conquer.

Sincerely, Jarrett M.


Fake Love

Fake Love! Real Love! It’s all Love!

It’s December 2016 and all I hear is “I got fake people showing fake love to me”. At this point, what’s “real” love? What’s “fake” love. These are things, well sayings I’ve been hearing my entire life and now it’s all a blur. Real love, fake love, it’s all love.

What do you consider to be fake love? What do you consider to be real love? I, I look at them both as a compliment. A transfer of energy, love. Life is all about perception. You can look at it as the glass half full, or the glass half empty. Change your perception, change your position.

Give me all the love I can get. Real, fake, who knows what it really is except the person who’s giving it? But us as people, we take things too personal. So what if people are being fake to you, well “showing fake love”. I’ve built myself into a machine. Like a recycle bin. You give me trash and internally I’ll turn it into something way more useful. It’s the fact that you gave me the energy, the chance to take all you’re giving me and turn that into something else.

Why does real love impact us harder than the “fake love”? Because it feels right? It has always made me laugh the way people will converse, debate and/or argue about things/people they don’t like. Go on YouTube and read the comments, you’ll see just about as many negative comments as you will positive. If you don’t care for something or someone what’s the reasoning to putting so much energy into it? Baffles me! Lol! The person whose post that’s getting the comments is still getting views. With the views they turn that into $$. Views = Ratings, Ratings = Success…

The next time you feel as someone is being fake, well “showing fake love” to you. Appreciate it, take it as something positive. The glass is always half full. Think about it this way, you took a sip not spilled anything out of the glass, so you can always get more. Recycle everything, take the trash and make jewels with it. One trash is another person’s treasure.

Life is yours. You own it! What you do determines the outcome. Pray hard, work hard, appreciate everything! Love yourself better! Life is good!


The fake… 


Grow! Don’t Go!

“Man, we all go through the same things”… Typical right! Timeless accounts I’ve heard people talk about what they go through, but never what they grow though.

Big difference in my opinion, well how about factually…


Go/ verb 1.move from one place or point to another; travel.




Verb 1. (Of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.


We can go to the store. We can go get some fresh air, but we can’t go through life. So what happens when we have trials in our lives and we try to “Go” through them? You get back to square one. To “go” It’s just a way of passing by life and not really taking advantage of the opportunity at hand.

Now to “Grow” is so much more. It’s one thing that deters the difference between a living organism and  one that is not and that is the ability to “grow”. You can’t name any living thing that does not grow.  As you can see stated in the definition it means to progress versus  “go” you move from place to place, no increase, no progress just horizontal movement through life.

I don’t know about you but when I think of myself I want growth. The outcome of grow.

I want my blessings to grow. I want my bank account to grow. I want my relationships, my love life everything that holdd value to me to increase. To “undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically”… You see GROW.

It was a time in my life when I would say/think “you have to go through the bad times to get to the good times”. Now since I’ve grown, the correct statement I would say is that if you just “go” through the “bad” times you’ll never get to the good times because you didn’t gain an increase there. You just moved through it. You want your muscles to go or grow? What’s the point of power lifting ya know!

Seriously, it’s time to stop going. It’s time to grow in life. To stop moving from place to place. You ever get tired of being in the same positions, job, weight, mental space? It’s time to grow. Let’s take every situation that we encounter and use it as a method to grow. Just think about the game Mario. When that mushroom drop and you get bigger “grow” you just feel better playing that level. You can make a mistake and still keep that life. You know why? Because with growth, you get more mental capacity and so much self-development, that you can make those adjustments in time of need without completely losing yourself. It’s time to grow.


jarrett m.


Power of 8

The month of August is my birth month. Also, numerically the eighth-month of the year.. Well how about my story of the number. On this day, August 1st, 2012. I experienced a death defying event. 

The head picture of this post was the result of my vehicle after I was T-Boned by a driver who was speeding, failed to signal and also was  texting  while driving. 

Casually as I turned my car to head on to Route 2 west, leaving the small city of Mentor heading westbound toward the city of Cleveland. I had plans to go to a after work dinner party with my coworkers at the time. Ha. Things changed.. Turning my wheel to put my car on the highway the last thing I saw was 2 headlights. Bang! The results was 8 stitches to forehead, I was on 8 days of bed rest, I had the blood pressure of 177/134. Take it I was 23 years old. So at that high, I was at risk of having a stroke at any minute. Luckily, I’m fine. But I found something in this moment. 

I found the beginning of 8’s. The 8th month and the beginning day had meaning to me. So I decided to go deeper. I discovered the power of 8. If you turn a 8 sideways, you have the mathmatic Symbol for infinity. To the Chinese, the number 4 is bad luck, double for and you have 8. Which in Chinese is the symbol for prosperity. It takes 8 minutes for the light from the Sun to reach the earth. Never the less, the number 8 in the bible represents a new beginning, “a new order or creation” a man’s true “born again” event when he is resurrected. 

So now, with it being the August, the 8th month. It’s time for new beginnings , a new spirit to embark on life, new outlook on things. Each day we have the power of choice of how are life will go. Now, I choose 8. I choose to prosper, to bring energy & life(the light of the sun), from taking the bad luck (number 4 as the Chinese would say) And changing that into the number 8 a new creation for infinity. God bless & I love you. 

Sincere , Jarrett M. 

Talk from your heart!

Talk from your heart! Stop speaking to people with your clouded brain. A brain that has so many thoughts going on at once. How can you truly empathize with someone from up there. I’m not speaking in a sense emotions, but a sense of heart felt. Let it be real. If it’s not going to come from a source of realness, empathy, and love just let the words stay on your tongue. You ever have a conversation with someone and 5 mins later you don’t remember anything? That was a brain conversation. Now look back at all the conversations you’ve had with people that to this day it still resonates in your brain at times. Yup! Because you felt it. It was manifested from a real place in you. Not a place of thoughts. If you were lost, and you asked a person for directions but this person was juggling knifes, texting and tying their shoes at the same time would you listen to them? Or would you take directions from the person who walked you to the road, drew a map on your hand and gave you their number to call them if you got lost again.. Pretty simple right.

We all need impact. Me, I am a person who love language is affirmation. So for me to feel love, I need to hear it, but most importantly I need to hear from a source of realness. When you parent a child, have a great friendships and even in a romantic relationship. One of your responsibilities are to speak life into them. Everyone wants their kids to go the best schools, not because of the race of people that go there. Simply because the results show that the kids in that school are getting a education from instructors who take time to care and speak volume into the kids life. The results show. You can’t have results from a bland or not so sincere educator.

They say, it’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it. Honestly, I feel as if that all comes from the heart. When someone calls you a bad name, but it’s bland and dry. Doesn’t effect you. But when that name calling comes from deep inside and you can feel them going into another realm with the emphasis on the word or words they’re speaking, it hits you.

I say, listen to your heart. That’s where God lives in you. Trust him. Speak from him.

sincerely, Jarrett M.


Bridging The Gap…

In our lives we all have wants. We all have needs. We all want to accomplish things. Be great of some sort. That’s the mental aspect of it. Then reality sets in. Where you are in your career, your relationships, your accomplishments; but its not even where you want to be so we get down on ourselves. We look at what we have as a good thing vs pushing ourselves for more. Where does that come from? The idea of settling in a life of just because I’m here type of ordeal. You’re supposed to go after what you want, your true goals. Remember as a kid, we all wanted to be or do something huge with our life. Rather it be a firefighter, a doctor, etc.. Then we would indulge in it. We had our costumes, are accessories and dreams of those things. Bow! Life dawns on you. You put that imaginative part of your dreams away. You get discouraged because you find out about the rigorous school it takes to be a lawyer, or being a cop isn’t cool because you grew up in the hood and a cop is consider a snitch. What happen to you?! Have you lost your mind. Everything you can ever want or desire can be yours. Just think about it. We imagine things, we’ve never touched, faces we’ve never conversed with, places we have only have seen while day dreaming in a 2 period math class. How can that be? Easy! It’s already set for us to have. We just have to bridge the gap. The “real world”conforms our minds to average  and any thing above that is only for someone who is “lucky”. I was told once Luck is for leprechauns and you ain’t green!”  That’s right, you may be short, but you’re no little green person. Let’s take a honest look at reality for a second. Just think about all times you go to the doctor. How many times have you encountered a physician from a foreign land. Now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of American born workers in that field, but more times than most, in my life they have been foreign. At one point in there life, before they even touched american soil, they had a dream. They came here for a reason. They have a why. The gap of their dreams and passions compared to where they were in life was the exact same gap you have. They prevailed. The gap was nothing. They found a way to fight, day in and day out, language barriers, different cultural backgrounds, they eat different foods, they don’t fit in. But see to them, that gap of where they want to be, to live the life that they want, to get there families out of their circumstances is greater than any thing else in there life. Of course they adapt. We’re all human, we all do, but we all settle for things. You have to find it in you to build that bridge. Get over it. Not just in a matter of a career based circumstances.Just life. Bad relationships, broken hearts, bad finances. Build that bridge. Close the gaps. Miss somebody call them! You have a question ask it! You have a idea, create it! Never let the space between where you are and where you want to be stop you from getting there.

Seriously, it’s just a gap, a unfilled space, a break in continuity. Some are larger than others, but it’s a test guys. How bad do you want it? How many lives do you want to change? Build that bridge, and conquer your dreams. Space

jarrett m. >


4 letter word… PAST 

Don’t stress yourself out over reliving the past. Never regret the decisions you’ve made. That’s something we tend to do the most “man if I would have… I shouldof

did…” Let it go. At that time, it was the best decision for you. Live through things & not around them. You can’t avoid adversity & challenges in life. You must go through them to become better, stronger, more wise & a true warrior… 

Will for the way. 

Why do we exist? What are we living for? To maintain? To get by? To die? Live with a purpose. Try everything that makes you smile!! We as a society get so entrapped in with others think or will say about the way and things we do with our life. What does it take to take that risk? That risk of courage! The risk of doing it alone! The risk of winning! If you have nothing now what can you lose? Yes, we have “ok” jobs & degrees & diplomas but what does that get you? A handshake & smile at the office? A graduation gift? A proud parent? But not your dreams. Not your reality! Not what you want for yourself & your future! Take a chance! Roll the dice! If you believe in you why not? I always look at others that are successful in living their dreams & wonder “if they can? Why not me” .. Don’t question it! Just go! Chase it! Live it! Do you! 


Jarrett M. 


2:44 am in Euclid

Love! Don’t you love it? Crazy how love is.  Love can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, or deliver the hurt as if the world is on top of you. After 27 years of life, I’m analyzing the types of love I’ve encountered. Sometimes I wonder if it’s people we love the person or the energy of the person. Just ponder, do you love that person when they have a shitty attitude or a bad day. Or is it when they’re bubbly, fun & full of life. I know love hits on different levels. It hits different parts of your life. The more you love, the more $ you’ll be willing to spend. “Chicken wings & fries we don’t go on dates” exactly! No love! Lol. Back to the topic. Love changes your spirit. Have you ever been in love? Or felt love? When things were going great your mind was free, energy was flowing, creativity through the roof. Oh boy, when that love turns and things are bumpy, you’re grumpy, drained, just blah! Love is pure. You can’t force it, it literally comes and goes as it pleases & you just have to brace yourself for the storms of it. You always hear “you can’t help who you love” I find truth in it. We’re all built to love but us a egotistic, selfish, prideful, defensive humans find ways to stop it. We’re the only species that doesn’t accept others because of ummmm nothing. I mean look at dogs, yeah they’ll sniff one another, feel that other dog out but then boom, instant love for one another. Let love fly, it’s hard, it’s going to hurt you at times, but it’s the key to love. Trust!!?  Love loves you. Let love conquer you. Stop fighting love, learn to love, best thing you can do is that if you can’t give love, learn to receive love for the sake of the person giving you love.





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