You water me…

You water me.

I water you.

We water one another.

We all our seeds.

Already planted.

Our soil is already set.

But we need our water to grow.

The things you pour in that soil, on the leafs, into the roots of the plant, it makes the flower grow.

In any relationship, friendship, business partnership or any “ship” you have to be able to pour into one another.

In order to vulnerable, I need you to pour into me.

To give me something to trust.

To make me feel like I could bloom in us.

To show me you have something worth while.

To brighten my day when the sun isn’t shining.

To help me stay rooted in my values, my principles when days I feel weak.

On days when I lean, when I don’t feel as strong, I can lean on you to get my self back right.

When I shed a pedal or two, you still tell me how beautiful I am.


Just water me.

But let me water you.


Jarrett M. 


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