1 or 1

Day 1 or 1 day

It’s all about 1.

It all comes down to one.

1 choice.

1 decision.

1 opportunity.

You have to start with 1.

The beauty of life is that we have the ability every day that you’re blessed to wake up, you have the power to create a new beginning. It’s ok to start over. We fear beginnings and look forward to the end. The beginning is all.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Not at the end.

The joy of a new morning.

A new child birth.

A fresh start.

New car smell.

It’s all about that 1, without it, there’s no 2 or 3.

We celebrate being number 1.

Make your 1’s count.

Until you decide to make today Day 1 vs 1 day. You’ll stay put.

In all languages and cultures around the world. The numbers with value start with 1.

Perspectives of 1 day is that 1+1 always adds up, and as you know with numbers, they don’t end. You’ll start to look back and the 1 days you said, are just now days wasted. A ZERO

We’ve all heard the phrase “make today count or count the days.” It’s pretty much that simple.

If you get your 1, then you can get the 2,3 etc…

Let’s work on making today Day 1.

Day 1 to live in your purpose.

To be happy.

To be free.

To live.

Not to worry.

Not to fear.

It’s that day. That day is 1.


jarrett m



4 thoughts on “1 or 1

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  1. This is something I actually needed to hear, I’ve been going through the complications of telling the diffences between starting my day one versus dreaming that one day. Thanks Jarrett, definitely have a new fan now 💕.

    Liked by 1 person

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