The Marathon


Slow down.


As a kid, many of us heard the story of the tortoise and the rabbit. We all know the outcome.

We hear phrases such as “the human race”. What’s the race? Where is the finish line?

So let’s look at life as a race. In a race, it’s not about how you start, but how you finish. You find numerous stories and highlights of world-class runners who start the race great, but don’t finish and/or finish in a low place. The fastest man ever is Usain Bolt. In countless interviews I’ve had the pleasure of watching of him, he explains his method of starting slow actually. He does not give full effort until about the 30th meter of a 100 meter sprint. He know’s he’ll burn out if he gave max effort the whole 100 or 200 meter race. He understands when he needs to be at his peak speed versus coming out the line the fastest.

Back to life. We all are in a rush to get no where fast. Remember in elementary school, it was a good thing to be the first person done with your work, then the teacher always ask “did you double-check your work?”. Meaning, just because you did it the fastest, is it the work right?  In traffic you always see the person who’s weaving in and out of lanes darting to get stopped at a red light, and even though they were there first, you some how seem to pull up next to them at that light. lol No where fast. Speed kills, in sports, however in life, it can kill. Kill dreams, hope, confidence and self-esteem.

Life is a marathon.

There’s no sprinting involved.

The big thing about marathons is finding your pace.

Understanding the impact of every stride.

Know that every stride you take toward your goals has a meaning.

When you try to go to fast, you lose steps. Your body can’t keep up.

Just like in life.

You may see someone who you may consider a head of you in the race.

But that may be their peak speed.

And all of us have different times in life where we peak.

You can’t keep up with life.

Life will always pass you by. In fact, life will lap you time and time and time again.

How many times do you want to see life pass you by?

Find your stride.

Know your steps.

Marathon runners can’t see the finish line.

They know how much time it takes to get the distance accomplished.

In life, there are no finish lines. So where are we going so fast? To the same point that every else who’s breathing has a chance to get? To run the race like the rabbit? To get comfortable being ahead? When you’re never ahead in life. The clock doesn’t stop and the race of life never ends. Let’s slow down. Make every stride matter. Find your pace and dominate it.

jaRRett M.



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  1. Favorite lines… “Know that every stride you take toward your goals has a meaning. When you try to go to fast, you lose steps. Your body can’t keep up…” Stellar!.

    Liked by 1 person

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