His & Hers Perspective | The Notorious Deal Breakers When Dating Someone New Featuring Jarrett Mines

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Welcome back beautiful people to RockYourLuv.com; where self-love is the priority and no topics are off-limits. This week is very special for me. As you may can tell from the title I will not be writing this article alone. From Cleveland, Ohio I have super producer/writer/blogger Jarrett Mines from Edukated Dropout. Jarrett accolades include producing for rapper Machine Gun Kelly on his former hit single “Wild Boy” which made its debut in 2012. When you are finished reading this article please click his link and indulge in his blog. There he talks about love from the perspective of a man and his untold stories from his younger life.

In a generation where most millennials are pursuing careers, traveling the world, and becoming their own bosses; dating increasingly feels impossible. Deal Breakers are clear factors that lead  to crucial decisions to depart yourself from a relationship.

Here are ten deal breakers from each perspective:

Deal Breakers…

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2 thoughts on “His & Hers Perspective | The Notorious Deal Breakers When Dating Someone New Featuring Jarrett Mines

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  1. I loved this collab Jarrett! I commented on Alia’s page but forgot to post the comment on your page as well. Here you go!

    “Ooooooh I was waiting to read this! haha! I loved it SO much <3. It was wonderful to hear a males perspective and everything you said hit home for me too as a woman. My biggest turn off as of today is the Smooth Talking man (as well as Mr.Inappropriate). I can get raunchy with the best of them but there has to be an off button for this. Show me that there's more you want to get to know than whats under my clothes! GREAT job guys and I hope to see collab together in the future."


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