Your love should…

Your love should give wings not weights.

Your love should ignite fires.

Your love should…♥♥

Your love should free minds, bodies and help free spirits.

Your love shouldn’t have boundaries, yet break every barrier or bar from the cell of what you’ve been trapped in for the time that you’ve thought you’ve been in love.

Your love should uplift.

Your love should be strong.

Your love shouldn’t be questioned.

Your love should be intentional.

Your love should reach internationally.

Your love should have purpose.

You should love on purpose.

You should love… 

J rrett M

Good Night 

But I close my eyes to take me back to the night. That’s where I hear your voice, see your face. In the light you seem to find a way to blur with the way of the world. Your voice is distorted by the sounds of life. In the night you give me so much light. To feel like myself, it’s just you and I, no body else. A everlasting dream that I chase every night. When I close my eyes I pray that I go back to that place every night, but as soon as I find you the sun start working its way back to shine bright… 

I wish it was 4 am forever. So I could have you to myself forever. 


The morning 🌅 

1 or 1

Day 1 or 1 day

It’s all about 1.

It all comes down to one.

1 choice.

1 decision.

1 opportunity.

You have to start with 1.

The beauty of life is that we have the ability every day that you’re blessed to wake up, you have the power to create a new beginning. It’s ok to start over. We fear beginnings and look forward to the end. The beginning is all.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Not at the end.

The joy of a new morning.

A new child birth.

A fresh start.

New car smell.

It’s all about that 1, without it, there’s no 2 or 3.

We celebrate being number 1.

Make your 1’s count.

Until you decide to make today Day 1 vs 1 day. You’ll stay put.

In all languages and cultures around the world. The numbers with value start with 1.

Perspectives of 1 day is that 1+1 always adds up, and as you know with numbers, they don’t end. You’ll start to look back and the 1 days you said, are just now days wasted. A ZERO

We’ve all heard the phrase “make today count or count the days.” It’s pretty much that simple.

If you get your 1, then you can get the 2,3 etc…

Let’s work on making today Day 1.

Day 1 to live in your purpose.

To be happy.

To be free.

To live.

Not to worry.

Not to fear.

It’s that day. That day is 1.


jarrett m



I’m Just…

I’m just a man that wants to be loved.

I’m just a man who wants to love whole heartedly.

I’m just a man who wants to make all my love ones proud.

I’m just a man who thrives to one day be a great father and beyond legendary husband.

I’m just a man like the other 3,477,829,638 men on this planet.

I’m just a man like the 12 men that has landed on the moon.

I’m just a man who at one time was a boy, just a young child with dreams.

Dreams to change the world.

To make people smile.

To make people heal from pain.

I’m just a man who sometimes can be found up shits creek without a paddle.

I’m just

I’m just sometimes lost in my mind and use my words to create a light in the darkness of my mind.

I’m just a man who… A man who gives it my all.

Even if it’s not perfect, I know that the man that I just am gave it my all.

I’m just a man who learned patience.

Learned to hear God voice through silence.

Learned that the more I sacrifice for the great good the more blessings He would bring to my life.

I’m just a man.

But more so than that.

I’m still that boy.

A fearless dreamer.

A fealess lover.


The Marathon


Slow down.


As a kid, many of us heard the story of the tortoise and the rabbit. We all know the outcome.

We hear phrases such as “the human race”. What’s the race? Where is the finish line?

So let’s look at life as a race. In a race, it’s not about how you start, but how you finish. You find numerous stories and highlights of world-class runners who start the race great, but don’t finish and/or finish in a low place. The fastest man ever is Usain Bolt. In countless interviews I’ve had the pleasure of watching of him, he explains his method of starting slow actually. He does not give full effort until about the 30th meter of a 100 meter sprint. He know’s he’ll burn out if he gave max effort the whole 100 or 200 meter race. He understands when he needs to be at his peak speed versus coming out the line the fastest.

Back to life. We all are in a rush to get no where fast. Remember in elementary school, it was a good thing to be the first person done with your work, then the teacher always ask “did you double-check your work?”. Meaning, just because you did it the fastest, is it the work right?  In traffic you always see the person who’s weaving in and out of lanes darting to get stopped at a red light, and even though they were there first, you some how seem to pull up next to them at that light. lol No where fast. Speed kills, in sports, however in life, it can kill. Kill dreams, hope, confidence and self-esteem.

Life is a marathon.

There’s no sprinting involved.

The big thing about marathons is finding your pace.

Understanding the impact of every stride.

Know that every stride you take toward your goals has a meaning.

When you try to go to fast, you lose steps. Your body can’t keep up.

Just like in life.

You may see someone who you may consider a head of you in the race.

But that may be their peak speed.

And all of us have different times in life where we peak.

You can’t keep up with life.

Life will always pass you by. In fact, life will lap you time and time and time again.

How many times do you want to see life pass you by?

Find your stride.

Know your steps.

Marathon runners can’t see the finish line.

They know how much time it takes to get the distance accomplished.

In life, there are no finish lines. So where are we going so fast? To the same point that every else who’s breathing has a chance to get? To run the race like the rabbit? To get comfortable being ahead? When you’re never ahead in life. The clock doesn’t stop and the race of life never ends. Let’s slow down. Make every stride matter. Find your pace and dominate it.

jaRRett M.



His & Hers Perspective | The Notorious Deal Breakers When Dating Someone New Featuring Jarrett Mines

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Welcome back beautiful people to; where self-love is the priority and no topics are off-limits. This week is very special for me. As you may can tell from the title I will not be writing this article alone. From Cleveland, Ohio I have super producer/writer/blogger Jarrett Mines from Edukated Dropout. Jarrett accolades include producing for rapper Machine Gun Kelly on his former hit single “Wild Boy” which made its debut in 2012. When you are finished reading this article please click his link and indulge in his blog. There he talks about love from the perspective of a man and his untold stories from his younger life.

In a generation where most millennials are pursuing careers, traveling the world, and becoming their own bosses; dating increasingly feels impossible. Deal Breakers are clear factors that lead  to crucial decisions to depart yourself from a relationship.

Here are ten deal breakers from each perspective:

Deal Breakers…

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Color Me Bad..

It’s just the surface.

A brush of paint (melanin).

Underneath we’re all the same.

A deep vision from the greatest creator ever.

A lot of love, pain and joy with confusions of this flesh.

With the same color running through our veins yet we still don’t understand we’re just the same.

The greatest joy, a mom and dad welcoming into the world there sweetest joy,

A baby girl or boy.

Praying for health.

No matter the wealth.

Rich or poor, the love is strong.

Just trying to keep their piece of art warm in a world that can be cold as negative 53.

But see you; all you see is the color of the brush.

The time we live cares nothing about surface, but how you break ice at the top of the iceberg to get below the surface.

From gunshot wounds to scrapes from falling of bikes with no brakes it’s something we all just can’t escape.

That’s you.

Who you are.

The make-up can highlight your cheeks and the dentist can whiten your teeth, but it’s up to you to show what lies beneath.

A beautiful soul from most of us who have the greatest story never told like Ali, from stories of cooking with granny, fear of flying or getting stung by a bee.

Life is the same.

It’s time to put the hues up, stop worrying about who’s what and take the minutes, hours, days to show the world who’s us.

Love Conquers … (=

Love conquers all!

Not in a sense of intimacy, or romance. Just in support lending a helping hand. To help someone brainstorm some ideas, to push them, motivate them.

It’s time we spread positivity and peace. Smile at someone. You never know what that can mean to them.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr

In life, through childhoods, adolescence and also adulthood, you can find the importance of people just hearing the words “I love you”. We all have friends whom we’ve heard over and over again say “my parents didn’t tell me they love me” or something along those lines. It may be you. You may know the significance that the pain of not hearing/feeling love can bring. In marriages that fail, the lack of verbal intimacy or just hearing and speaking, “I love you” to one another, has played a dramatic role in the decline of the relationship.

The power of knowing that someone loves you. The confidence it brings to the person who’s receiving the love. Love is a springboard for hope. It enables us to attempt our dreams, knowing that you have the support system and love. Even through what feels as if there the worst times of our lives, what keeps us going is love. Love gives us all we need to make it. To feel complete, to have a sense of belonging.

An avoidance of love can leave us feeling less belonging. Disables us from our dreams. It will have you drifting out here. Living life with no purpose, no drive, no-life. It takes years of putting yourself together which no one should have to feel. However, we have the love of God. The love of the creator.

The thing is, it’s never too late. You can always start where you are. The past is behind us, the present is where we are and the future is what we have the power to create. Time to break cycles. To serve one another, support one another. We all need love. No matter the circumstances, love will always conquer.

Sincerely, Jarrett M.


Fake Love

Fake Love! Real Love! It’s all Love!

It’s December 2016 and all I hear is “I got fake people showing fake love to me”. At this point, what’s “real” love? What’s “fake” love. These are things, well sayings I’ve been hearing my entire life and now it’s all a blur. Real love, fake love, it’s all love.

What do you consider to be fake love? What do you consider to be real love? I, I look at them both as a compliment. A transfer of energy, love. Life is all about perception. You can look at it as the glass half full, or the glass half empty. Change your perception, change your position.

Give me all the love I can get. Real, fake, who knows what it really is except the person who’s giving it? But us as people, we take things too personal. So what if people are being fake to you, well “showing fake love”. I’ve built myself into a machine. Like a recycle bin. You give me trash and internally I’ll turn it into something way more useful. It’s the fact that you gave me the energy, the chance to take all you’re giving me and turn that into something else.

Why does real love impact us harder than the “fake love”? Because it feels right? It has always made me laugh the way people will converse, debate and/or argue about things/people they don’t like. Go on YouTube and read the comments, you’ll see just about as many negative comments as you will positive. If you don’t care for something or someone what’s the reasoning to putting so much energy into it? Baffles me! Lol! The person whose post that’s getting the comments is still getting views. With the views they turn that into $$. Views = Ratings, Ratings = Success…

The next time you feel as someone is being fake, well “showing fake love” to you. Appreciate it, take it as something positive. The glass is always half full. Think about it this way, you took a sip not spilled anything out of the glass, so you can always get more. Recycle everything, take the trash and make jewels with it. One trash is another person’s treasure.

Life is yours. You own it! What you do determines the outcome. Pray hard, work hard, appreciate everything! Love yourself better! Life is good!


The fake… 


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